Since July, 2011, Amazon has sold more eBooks than hard cover books!

There are several ways to read an eBook. You can read’s eBooks using their Kindle. The Kindle is an excellent tool for this. When you have an account with Amazon, you can purchase and download an eBook on to your Kindle in minutes almost anywhere, just using the Kindle. It is easy to change the size of the print (I went through three increasing sizes while waiting to see my ophthalmologist when my eyes were being dilated!) You can place a cursor next to a word and read its definition at the bottom of the page. I love this. It is so quick and easy to do, I use it to confirm a definition when I would never have taken the time to look it up in a traditional dictionary. Many Kindle eBooks have a “Text-to-Speech” mode that will have the Kindle read to you when you turn this feature on. The inflections of the speech are somewhat automatic, but a far cry from earlier automatic text readers. The device is light weight, and the pages are turned easily. Any book you purchased is available for free to other Kindles in your family.

Barnes & Noble’s NOOK is also an easy eBook reader. The new NOOKs render color images. With your NOOK you can use LendMe to share a book with  your friend’s NOOK, computer or hand held devices.

However, you don’t need an electronic reader to read an eBook. Most eBook sellers allow you to download free software that you can use to read their eBooks on your home computer, iPhone, iPad and/or smart phones. Most of us don’t think the latter let you read as easily as with eReaders designed only for eBooks, but some of them come close. iPad comes very close.

eBook Readers

Allen Spitler, a classmate of mine from medical school, graciously designed the covers for SynSleep. A cardiologist by profession, his hobbies include digital photography. Allen used PhotoShop and his Mac. Thanks, again, Allen!